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Industrial Strength Servers

Network File Servers

--->To protect and organize your company's information is the job of the network file server.

The BizBoxDistributing files across a peer-to-peer network can be dangerous.  Finding critical documents can be challenging.  Limiting unauthorized access is difficult to enforce.  Also, implementing an organized system backup and disaster recovery scheme can be near impossible.

A network server is a company's central file system.  Letters, reports, spreadsheets, databases are all stored logically where they can be retrieved within seconds.  Access to areas within the file system is strictly controlled via encrypted passwords.  In this manner sensitive information can be secured on a need to know basis.

All data is physically stored within the same file system allowing easy backup with our Automatic Backup Service.  That way when disaster strikes you can be up and running within hours instead of days.

Starting at $50 per month, plus a one-time setup charge, we will supply you with a turn-key Network File Server that will grow with your business.  You will never need to worry about maintenance and repair- it is all included.

Organize and protect your company's information call us today for a free consultation- 800.448.7531.

Database Servers

--->Navigating a sea of information is clearly one of the most difficult tasks faced by management.

The BizBoxStay the course with custom database software.  Keep track of customers, orders, sales activity, manufacturing and more.

Through the past 12 years we have gained a clear understanding of our clients and their needs.  We have worked for and learned from many different industries.

One lesson stands out- no two businesses are the same.  This drives our methodology.  We get to know our client and to truly become a part of their organization.  From this perspective we can properly give advice and design systems that track your company and not control the way it operates.  Our database and application design is based on this principle.  We believe our success is linked to yours.

Gain control call us today for a free consultation- 800.448.7531.