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The Problem - Spam and Viruses


--->SPAM is not only annoying but it costs you money.

It is no secret that SPAM is on the rise. (SPAM rose by 67% last year.) We all notice it every day.  Sure spam is annoying.  Have you ever considered the cost to your operation?  That the cost to your business is anywhere between $3,000 to $6,000 per year for an average employee.  This is calculated by the time and productivity loss suffered by employees reviewing, deleting and yes actually reading this junk mail.

SPAM is the delivery method of choice for viruses.  The unsuspecting employee opens an email which seems to be valid.  And, before he or she can blink their eye their computer is infected and perhaps your entire network.  Virus attacks are the primary source (74%) of financial loss due to Cyber Crime.

Fraud, Phishing, Identity Theft, Stock Offers, Porn, the list goes on.  There is no need to bore you with further details.  SPAM is offensive and costly.

--->The Answer- BizCyberShield.

BizCyberShield filters your email in Cyber Space not on your desktop or in your company's server.  It removes SPAM and Viruses from your email.  BizCyberShield removes over 99% of the SPAM and virtually all viruses from your email.  SPAM amounts to 87% of all email.  This is a tremendous amount of traffic for your Internet connection and your network.  With BizCyberShield, SPAM and Viruses are stopped before they ever reach you.  We eliminate this burdensome and costly traffic.

No hardware to buy, no software to install.  It works with all systems.

BizCyberShield cost less the ten cents a day per user.  This is small price to keep SPAM out of your business.

FREE 30 day no obligation trial.  We are so confident that your business will benefit from this service that we offer a 30 day FREE no obligation trial of BizCyberShield.

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