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Virtual Email Exchange

Have the same e-mail service larger companies do at a fraction of the cost.
Enjoy all the features of an enterprise e-mail server without the management and maintenance hassles.  You may add and remove mail boxes, assign user aliases, change passwords, add a vacation or out of the office auto response and automatically forward mail whenever you desire.

E-MailE-mail is the single most important service on the Internet and we treat it at such.  We use a redundant server system in the event of Internet failures.  If an e-mail server is off line because of an Internet outage a secondary server in a separate data center stores all the incoming e-mail.  Once service is restored the stored e-mail is sent to the primary server for delivery.

Raise corporate image with e-mail at your own domain.

The flexibility of a dedicated server without the cost and staff.  We maintain the equipment and provide you with local support.  Yes, real live people.

The cost for e-mail service is $30/month. Put us on your staff for $1 a day!

Protect you company's information call us today for a free consultation- 800.448.7531.